Founded in 1986 in the City of Hamburg,  1990 the Company headquarters moved to  Westerau (Schleswig-Holstein). The former focus was concentrated  to  produce mechanical coils for pinball machines. Expansion of the division in the Year 2000, trading billiard and table football accessories by Internet sales. Long term of experience, the necessary expertise of our team in terms of billiards and table football , also immediate readiness to dispatch the goods, confirm that our company is one of  the leading  seller in the electronic commerce. Since Septembre 2020 our Billiard Shop is integrated to Veith KG.

We are registered with the EAR Foundation for the Disposal of Waste Electrical Equipment and also in the Dual System B2C according to VerpackG §18 for
the disposal of the plastic and cardboard used for transportation to end user.

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Member of  Veith-Group Germany since 2005